Simon Larsen - Guitars, synth, bass
Isak H. Larsen - Drums, vocals

To Wither never started, it just existed, as Simon Larsen (Iskald, Skaur), and Isak H. Larsen (Skaur)
composed the first song in the winter of 2004/2005. They played in some other bands at that time,
but wanted to do something different from the others, and the sound of To Wither was to be a little more
vulnerable and melodic with a different vocal style.

The music of To Wither is melancholic metal with fragile clean vocals and harmonies,
heavy guitars and passionate drumming, which mainly are inspired by bands such as Katatonia
and Swallow the Sun. The lyrical theme is mainly about the human mind, dark thoughts and sorrow,
as every listener can recognize themselves in.

After some years of composing songs, they chose the best ones and did a re-record of them at their own studio,
which was to be the full-length "Ending Days". The process of recording did take lots of time
and energy, but the result is exactly how it was supposed to be.

2012 will be the year To Wither is releasing their first album,
and they will also be seen on a stage soon...


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